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Go to any 10 South African “intellectuals” and, I’m guessing here, 9.9 of them (joke!!!) will tell you there is no such thing as race. If you insist that there are “races”, in the non-trivial sense that through the analysis … Continue reading

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Last Post of the Week

Quite a busy week! Set up a new blog and my own RSS Feed. Plowed through tons of abstruse mindbending technical hurdles and actually delivered 6 posts and pictures. Note especially TWO installments on the family in Spain – the second one being on the village, Almachar, where we stayed – complete with piccies.

In retrospect quite an achievement starting from scratch, but now comes the hard part – making it a valuable resource both for myself and for our readers. Continue reading

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Viral Invaders

Most of us think of viral invaders as malevolent pieces of code on the internet which do nasty things to our computers or the original DNA/RNA form which do nasty things to our biological health. But these bits of code (whether biological or binary) are more interesting and subtle than that. Continue reading

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What this blog is about.

I hope that this site will interest all those excited by the world – man-made or natural. I am retired and living out some of the most interesting and exciting years of my life; slowly shedding old skins for new … Continue reading

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