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I have followed an exciting and demanding career as a medical doctor and scientist with an equally challenging and varied retirement. I love both writing and photography in all their interactive and diverse manifestations. I have a couple of blogs, Aperture and Solar Plexus, which reflect my interests and commitments. They both lubricate and motivate the creative process and facilitate communication. Through the process of exchange we join a wider family of fully engaged fellow travellers on the journey of life.

Thinking about Facebook

We are now firmly into 2011, the kids and grandchildren have departed and the tumult and disruption have subsided…until 12 months hence of course. Besides the obligatory grouch it was great fun while it lasted, but quiet and “normalcy” have … Continue reading

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Introducing Michael Alfred

I would like to introduce an old friend, a debating and sparring partner, a witty, perceptive and wry commentator on the human condition and much else besides,  who I hope will become a contributor to this blog. Michael Alfred (aka … Continue reading

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Go to any 10 South African “intellectuals” and, I’m guessing here, 9.9 of them (joke!!!) will tell you there is no such thing as race. If you insist that there are “races”, in the non-trivial sense that through the analysis … Continue reading

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My own minor infatuation with Barcelona, or rather the idea of Barcelona, started with an Afrikaans setwork entitled “Sol y Sombre” (Sun and Shadow) written by Uys Krige, probably sometime before WWII. I was a senior schoolboy and, although I … Continue reading

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