Last Post of the Week

Quite a busy week!  Set up a new blog and my own RSS Feed. Plowed through tons of abstruse mindbending technical hurdles and actually delivered 6 posts and pictures. Note especially TWO installments on the family in Spain – the second one being on the village, Almachar, where we stayed – complete with piccies (see Flickr on right).

In retrospect quite an achievement starting from scratch, but now comes the hard part – making it a valuable resource both for myself and for our readers.

The bottom line is this: if the blog is not read or commented upon less than half its purpose will have been served. It really is meant to be a FORUM. I will start to look for guest bloggers as soon as I am established. But before that, the Comment section is where the dialogue (multilogue!?) begins. Please use it.

Since you all have busy lives, please subscribe to this blog – see bottom righthand corner. In this way you will be notified of new material and responses to your own comments. You can then go on-line at your convenience and check out what’s been happening.

Comments, especially at this early stage, can deal with the specifics of a particular post or it can contain general thoughts, including ways of enhancing the blog. Try to keep them reasonably brief but if you really want to vent, ask for a guest blog. While I can’t promise this is something I would like to promote.

With all that out-of-the-way, let me report back briefly on the mystery photograph. Two replies were received: one tongue in cheek and the other spot on (Jenny Altschuler). The picture was of the ventilation chimneys on the roof of a famous, Antoni Gaudi-designed mansion in Barcelona, Casa Mila or La Pedrera (The Quarry). It has a checkered history but has been restored and used partly for exhibitions by a Catalan Bank, Caixa Catalunya. The resemblance of the chimneys to Darth Vadar in Star Wars is striking and others, besides your perceptive blogger, have also commented on the resemblance to some of George Lucas‘s imagery in that series.

A very famous painter was born in Malaga: do you know who without recourse to Google?

with best wishes from

Transcogitator (aka Mike)

About Mike Berger

I have followed an exciting and demanding career as a medical doctor and scientist with an equally challenging and varied retirement. I love both writing and photography in all their interactive and diverse manifestations. I have a couple of blogs, Aperture and Solar Plexus, which reflect my interests and commitments. They both lubricate and motivate the creative process and facilitate communication. Through the process of exchange we join a wider family of fully engaged fellow travellers on the journey of life.
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