What this blog is about.

I hope that this site will interest all those excited by the world – man-made or natural. I am retired and living out some of the most interesting and exciting years of my life; slowly shedding old skins for new and finding new wonders in the people I meet and the world around me.
Ugliness? Yes, plenty of it and stupidity too, which much be combatted. So part of my time is given to a mild form of political activism expressed mainly in writing – newspapers and a newsletter/blog under the pseudonym, SOLAR PLEXUS, and in local social action. This site will be devoted to matters which I find interesting and am engaged in in the hope it will strike a spark with sufficient others to create a network of shared ideas and experiences. All of it will be personal except for material from others which is published here. But, whether it deals with the mundane domestic or what is conventionally thought to constitute more elevated discourse, it represents my attempt to escape the Facebook/Twitter avalanche of triviality and banality – with apologies go those heroic souls who have risen above the flood to create islands of excellence in the wastelands. It is not meant as mass site and I’m not out to accumulate “friends”, but I would like to influence people – and for them to influence me

First question: What is this and where was it taken? Please be precise, vague answers will not suffice!

About Mike Berger

I have followed an exciting and demanding career as a medical doctor and scientist with an equally challenging and varied retirement. I love both writing and photography in all their interactive and diverse manifestations. I have a couple of blogs, Aperture and Solar Plexus, which reflect my interests and commitments. They both lubricate and motivate the creative process and facilitate communication. Through the process of exchange we join a wider family of fully engaged fellow travellers on the journey of life.
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3 Responses to What this blog is about.

  1. Sinclair says:

    The mystery photo is an impressionistic statue of a women who has been repeatedly struck with a convex object and intends to protect herself against further attacks with the stylised holly branches held in her left hand.

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